MG Car Club Holland
Dutch sister club of the MG Car Club

MG A-type Owners Holland
The Dutch MG Car Club dedicated to MGAs founded in 1973

North American MGA Register
Established in 1975 with the sole objective of promoting the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the MGA.

MG Car Club England
The original MG Car Club founded in 1930

MGA Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board of the MG Enthusiasts' Club on MGAs

MG Enthusiasts' Club
The MG web site and car club for MG Enthusiasts world wide

MGA Register England
The MGA register of the MG Car Club England

MGA Twin-Cam Enthusiasts
The intent of this group is to foster communication amongst the worldwide owners and enthusiasts of the MGA Series MGA Twin Cam and MGA Deluxe.